Sisters of Christian Love



van and patientPrayer is our primary ministry. Sisters of Christian Love are committed women serving the needs of Detroit. We are given much more than we give. May our faith be as strong as those we serve.

We transport children with cancer to the hospital for their chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments.  The sisters are there to support the patient and their entire family in mind, body, and spirit. We also do art therapy with the patient and family.

patient and art therapy








If possible, we are present for the children’s funerals and at least one year following.  We also do memorial services in the park for the treasures which include pizza and pop.

dad and patientpizza in the park

Sisters of Christian Love visit young and elderly homebound. If they are Catholic, we take the Eucharist when requested. We pray, we listen, we visit, and try to laugh. We may just hold a hand, pet a dog, give a hug, do some dishes, laundry, or wipe a tear.

We collect food for these less fortunate ones.  Most do not have a vehicle. When possible we take them to the store. The sisters believe that children and adults should be loved, prayed with, warm and fed.

girl with foodboy with food

We take the families on outings to the park or Belle Isle and the Belle Isle Zoo. This may be the only outing of the summer for them and for some the last one in this life

belle isle zoohalloween party

We distribute lunches to the homeless on the streets with an inspirational message on each bag.  The lunches include a sandwich, fruit, drink, treat, and a napkin. We ask each one to pray for us as we hand them nourishment for their bodies. When possible, we provide socks, t-shirts, underwear, hygiene bags and blankets, as well as other needs.

women making lunchescouple holding lunches

hands prayingwoman holding lunches

We have flourished with priests, brothers and sisters that I refer to as Angels of Christian Love.  These are volunteers from Detroit to Scotland and in between. Some have been with us one time and others many times.  Volunteers and benefactors continue to aid us in this ministry.

“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” — Luke 10:2