Sisters of Christian Love


The Sisters of Christian Love are a group of Christian women that have dedicated their lives to fulfilling God’s purpose to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be His hands and feet to everyone they meet.  We live a simple life and take private vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. 

We are a small but growing community of committed Christian women who are serving the needs of Detroit area families that have been affected not only by economic and personal hardships, but some with cancer as well.  

Jesus tells us that as we do for the least of these, we are doing for Him. Often people need to know how much you care and how much Jesus loves them before they can see their need of Jesus. The sisters hope to serve as hands and feet of Jesus in the body of Christ, ministering to the needs of others, so that those others too might realize they need the Lord.

The Foundress

Sister Judie Ann Ruggirello was born in Michigan. She married and had six children. Widowed at an early age, Judie Ann raised the children with God's help. Judie Ann felt called to religious life, so when her children were grown, she followed God’s call and entered the Felician-Franciscan Congregation. Sister Judie Ann has earned a degree in Pastoral Ministry from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. Sister felt called to a deeper contemplative life and/or service to the poor. After much prayer, she requested a leave from the Felician Community, remaining a sister in vows. She founded the Sisters of Christian Love in November 2005.